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Scientific publications in English:

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A Meta-Doomsday Argument: Uncertainty About the Validity of the Probabilistic Prediction of the End of the World

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Scientific articles in Russian:

A.V. Turchin. On the possible causes of the underestimation of risks destruction of human civilization // Problems of risk management and safety: the works of the Institute of Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences. — T. 31. — M .: KomKniga 2007.

A.V. Turchin. Natural disasters and the anthropic principle// Problems of risk management and safety: the works of the Institute of Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences. — T. 31. — M .: KomKniga 2007.pp. 306−332.

A.V. Turchin. The problem of sustainable development and the prospects for global catastrophes // Social studies and the present. 2010. № 1. S. 156−163

Books in Russian

  1. War and 25 other Scenarios of End of the World, M. Europe, 2008.
  2. Structure of the Global Catastrophe, М, URSS, 2010.
  3. Futurology, Moscow, Binom, 2012, together with Michael Batin.

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Translation of articles about x-risks into Russian

UFO as global risk

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