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This site is about roadmaps which were created by Alexey Turchin and all his other projects


Links on all maps are in the “All map” menu. Textual explanations of the roadmaps are published on Less Wrong, and most useful discussion is also happening in LW. So there are LW links for each roadmap, where you could participate in the discussion. Some roadmaps are translated into Russian, and the corresponding pdf are also linked.




Immortality roadmap on English, pdf

Immortality roadmap on Russian, pdf

Existing life extension ways on Russian, pdf, English version

Digital immortality map

Quantum immortality map, on Lesswrong

Identity map on LW, pdf

The map of the resurrection of the dead, pdf

Ageing mechanisms, rus

AI in life extension, rus, eng



Typology of x-risks

Typology of human extinction risks on English, on Lesswrong

Typology of human extinction risks on Russian


Prevention plans

Existential risks prevention roadmap on English, pdf, on Lesswrong, longread on EA forum

Existential risks prevention roadmap on Russian, pdf

Plan of prevention of global warming  – on EA forum, pdf


Different risks

Map of nanotech risks, on LessWrong

Map of biorisks, on LessWrong

Map of nuclear riskson LessWrong

The map of risks of aliens on LW, pdf

The map of natural risks on LW, pdf

The Map of Impact Risks and Asteroid Defence, pdf

Structure of the global catastrophe: different approaches

Double scenarios of a global catastrophe, on LessWrong

A map: Causal structure of a global catastrophe, on LessWrong

The map of cognitive biases in global risks, on LessWrong

The map of future models, on LessWrong

The map of agents which could create x-risks, on LessWrong

Levels of the global catastrophe

PdfOn Lesswrong


AI Safety

AGI failures mode and levels, on Lesswrong

AGI safety solutions, on Lesswrong


Social maps

The map of organisation and people involved in x-risks prevention



Simulation map, on Lesswrong

Doomsday argument map , on Lesswrong

How to survive the end of the universe,  on Lesswrong



The map of the methods of optimisation (types of intelligence)pdf

The map of future models, pdf

The map of p-zombies,  pdf

The map ideas how the universe appeared from nothing, pdf

The map of positive scenarios of the future, on Russian, pdf