Alexey Turchin

(I am not a relative of Valentine and Peter Turchin; my father is a famous Russian art historian Valerij Turchin)

Alexey Turchin (1973) is an author of several books and articles on the topics of existential risks and life extension, and was published in “Futures”, “Acta Astronatutica”, “Informatica”, “AI & Society” journals. He graduated in Moscow State University where he studied Physics and Art History (1997). He is an expert on global risks of Russian Transhumanists Movement from 2007. He translated into Russian around 20 main articles about existential risks by Bostrom, Yudkowsky, Circovich, Kent, Hanson. From 2010 he works in the “Science for Life Extension Foundation” on various topics about life extension and risks prevention. He is a contributing author on IEET. He created several roadmaps about risks of AI and the ways to prevent them. He is the founder of the Digital Immortality Now startup working on the collecting data about a person for the future return of this person to life. He is a member of the advisory boards of IEET, Open Longevity, AI agents, Arch Mission. In 2018 he won one of the prizes in AI Global Challenge race with his article on global solutions on AI safety.



Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia

Physics department – 1991-1993

Art History department 1993-2000



2008-2010 – Collaboration with the Center of Civilizational Studies, prof. Sledzewsky.

2010-2018 Foundation Science for Life Extension, Moscow, Russia

Project manager, Researcher, Vice-President

2016 – Digital Immortality Now, founder.



2007 – Expert on Global risks in Russian Transhumanist movement

2015 – IEET Global Advisory Board

2018 – Member of the advisory board of Arch Mission




All newest publication and drafts are on PhilPapers



2010 – Humanity Plus, presentation “Risks of SETI”, US

2011 – Singularity Summit, NY, US

2013 – HEALS conference, Brussel, Belgium.

2014 ­– Existential risks and radical futures, presentation “Existential risks: Decades or centuries”

2015 – Deep Knowledge Ventures conference in Hong Kong, presentation: Plan of prevention of global risks.

2015 – Aging by Aubrey de Grey, Santa Clara, US

2016 – London Futurists, presentation: Immortality roadmap and global risk prevention roadmap.

2016 – Conference in CSER

2017 – AI safety Denmark

2017 – Conference of existential risks in Gothenburg, Sweden

2017 – Near-term AI safety conference organiser Moscow; presentation

2018 – Healthy lifespan, Kazan, Russia.



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