73. Confusion between objective and subjective threat

People who end up taking actions that are risky to the survival of the human species may be fair, noble, beautiful people who are not personally malicious to us. They might just not know what they are getting into, for instance developing advanced Artificial Intelligence without adequate safeguards. This highlights the difference between objective and subjective threat. If someone is playing a zero-sum game with you, say competing in a business field, he may be your “enemy” or a threat to you objectively, but bear no personal malice towards you or your friends. Conversely, someone with a personal grudge who is clearly out to get you is your subjective enemy. With regard to global risks, it is important to remember that those taking actions dangerous to humanity may bear no personal malice in any way, may be competing casually, or attacking a third party nowhere near you, yet their actions could threaten you in the long run regardless. This becomes even harder to grasp when it comes to the economy. A Federal Reserve chairman who prints too much money could cause the economy to collapse through runaway inflation and currency devaluation, even if they are ostensibly doing it to improve the economy and many leading economists support them.