. The logic error arising at attempts to prove what it is necessary to do, proceeding only from the description of the facts

If in the first and second premise of inference there are only facts then in the conclusion there can be only facts. Any reasoning on the purposes should lean against certain representations about the values, set is axiomatic. However it means randomness of such purposes, and their understanding can differ at different researchers of global risks that can conduct to different definitions of catastrophe and representations that will be from it an exit. Besides, any system of axioms allows to formulate indemonstrable statements (as has shown Godel in the theorem of incompleteness), and concerning obligations it is easy to be convinced of it: almost any system of base values easily allows to create in itself contradictions that is the basic maintenance of many literary works where the character has to choice between, let us assume, love to his family and to the native land (should make that else is called the existential choice). It is not known, whether the consistent system of values as it will look is possible in general, and whether will be applicable in practice. However work on consistent system of values is important, as it will need to be enclosed in the future computers possessing artificial intellect.